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EVENT DESIGN or EVENT PLANNING? (Q & A) [Event Planning Career 101]

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Event Planning Career 101 : Event Design or Event Planer? Event Planning Tutorials: 1. How much does it cost to be an Event Planner? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yB1D809eLQ 2. Becoming an Event Planner: What did I buy when I first Started? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTA03nSkUGk 3. Becoming an Event Planner at 24 with 2 kids! https://youtu.be/rBa-npuQb_o ❤ PURCHASE THE BUSINESS GUIDE HERE: https://www.etsy.com/listing/499897212/guide-how-to-start-your-business-and Want to start y...!


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Follow a day in my life as an event planner as I share how I design a wedding or event from beginning to end. This backdrop and sweetheart table are one of the best that I have ever done! It will be perfect with birthday parties, prom, wedding, baby showers, bridal showers and more! Here are the links as promised: Here is my event planning toolbox! Everything you need to get started can be found below: ❤️ Centerpieces, Tablecloths, chair covers & Sashes- https://www.efavormart.com?sca_r...!


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This video was sponsored by Vistaprint! For 30% off select items and free economy shipping, click http://www.vistaprint.com/LivingLuxuriouslyForLess and use our code VISTAPRINT30. Starting, growing, branding and marketing your event planning or small business has never been easier. I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Vistaprint for sponsoring this video so video, so that I can share my top my tips and DIY ideas on how to grow and market your event planning business in 2020. Often times ...!

Event Design Process

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A glimpse of our event design process. We take you step by step from the creation, to the celebration!...!

My Life As An Event Planner, Party Planning Tips | Office Adventures

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SUBSCRIBE HERE: http://bit.ly/1LfqNSd MY BLOG: http://kaya-quintana.nl/ INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/kayaquintana TWITTER: http://twitter.com/KayaQuintana SNAPCHAT: https://www.snapchat.com/add/kayaquintana FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/KayaQuintanaMUA MAIL: info@kaya-quintana.nl HEALTHY BODY FACEBOOK GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1195880517176987/ DID YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO? Great, you can buy me a drink to support my work. Thanks in advance! 👉🏻 https://bit.ly/2CY...!

How to START + RUN your Event Planning Business!!

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How to START your Event Planning Business and RUN it from consultation to closing. This is a event planning business sequence that I curated over the years adapting it as I went through years of business. This is a general sequence and should be tailored to suit your specific business, niche, schedule, and clientele. ❤AMAZON PRIME 30 Days FREE Promo Code: https://amzn.to/2I5ukH0 ❤Client Booking Tracker!! https://www.etsy.com/TheMakeoverMomShop/listing/607719296/event-planner-client-bookin...!

How to Break Into Event Planning: FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS

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If you dream of becoming an event planner this video is for you! If backdrops, centerpieces, tablecloths and beautiful decor makes your heart skip a beat... You are in the right place! If you are often called on to decorate for your family, friends, church, job or organization... Allow me to motivate and encourage you to go after your dreams unapologetically! Listen closely, as this video is filled with tips and ideas! ********************Linky Love***************************** HONEYBOOK {50% of...!

How to Plan an Event - Project Management Training

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Everyone has planned an event at home, work or in their community. Try our award-winning PM software for free: https://www.projectmanager.com/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=HowToPlanAnEvent Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows you how to step up to the big leagues and plan for a large conference by taking these practical steps....!

Free Event Planning Training

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Wondering if one of our event courses is right for you? Book a call to get your questions answered: https://calendly.com/eventplanningblueprint/30min For event planning advice, tips and courses, go to http://eventplanningblueprint.com Blog Post for Free Event Planning Training: http://eventplanningblueprint.com/free-event-planning-training/ Free Event Planning Training on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzbYo812Vq0 For more great event planning videos, be sure to subscribe to my Yo...!

Event Planning/Design Q&A|How to tips and information

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In this video, I will be answering a few questions that I have been asked since I have been in business as an event planner/designer. This Q&A will give you some insight into what to expect as an event planner/designer and other tips of the trade. Inexpensive but elegant looking decor for home, weddings, dinner parties, and other events. Made mostly with dollar store items and simple to make. Customized, Classy, Creative! If you’re in the Milwaukee, WI area, register for our next DIY Desig...!

Event Planning Pricing Packages Tutorial

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Im sharing exactly how to create packages for your event planning services and the simple 3-step process for ensuring your packages are the most effective for you and for your clients. DOWNLOAD MY PRICING WORKBOOK: https://amzn.to/2VawTMT ----- Join our Facebook group of amazing event and wedding planners here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/eventcertificate Say hi on social: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eventcertificate Instagram: https://instagram.com/jodyannrowe Pinterest: https://...!

Watch this wedding planner build his own wedding from scartch !

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This is what happens when a wedding planner design his own wedding ! Check out how he completely transformed the space into a floral yellow wonderland ! ---------------------------------- Wedding planner : Paul Nasr and Gilbert Haddad Photographer : Brightlightimage ---------------------------------...!

6 Skills to Become a Great Event Planner

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Becoming a great event planner takes conscious effort and understanding all areas that are important. Watch this video learn 6 things that make a great event planner. The six things are: 1. Be friendly 2. Be a good listener 3. Be budget conscious for your clients 4. Be organized 5. Stay calm under pressure 6. Keep learning For more information please read this article: https://www.eventplanning.com/5-soft-skills-to-be-great-event-planner/...!

Event Design Ideas: Playing with Opposites

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Kurt Beadell, Vibrant Tables Creative Director, explains how he takes two opposing vibes -- rustic and sophisticated -- to create a gorgeous backdrop for a holiday affair....!

How I Got Started in Event Planning| Story Time

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Many of you have asked me how I started my event planning business.... I have finally delivered in this story time! Enjoy! ❤️Centerpieces, Tablecloths, chair covers & Sashes- https://www.efavormart.com?sca_ref=87854.PZMcbD6Nvh Enroll for Luxe Academy Here: Upcoming classes: Live Online Webinar- March 17th @ 7:00 pm cst Live Hands-on in person workshop- April 12-13th More information available at melanieturner.design/events Grand Opening Video: https://youtu.be/jpmu1PmiAjg *************...!

R5 Event Design - The Creation of a Wedding

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www.shoeboxmedia.ca - Your partner in video, photo and print. Raviv and Diana are talking about the concept behind this wedding and their services in Toronto, Ontario and the GTA. Raviv is the owner at R5 Event Design and Diana is behind Truly Yours Planning. Together they created this wonderful set for the young newlyweds. - Ferdinand, ShoeboxMedia Wedding Design. Wedding Decor. Event Decor. Event Production. R5 Event Design is an award winning event design company based in Toronto, Canada. ...!


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It is great to start your own business and manage your income. But sometimes being a business owner is not always flowers and roses. Today Im sharing 5 things I wish I knew before starting my event planning business, and tips to help you over these. TO WORK WITH JODY-ANN: https://www.eventcertificate.com/wedding-planner-marketing/ ----- Join our Facebook group of 2800+ amazing event and wedding planners here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/eventcertificate Say HI! on Social: Instagram: https...!

One of NYC’s Top Event Planners Gives Us His Tips For Throwing a Party On *Any* Budget

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Spoiler alert: Wedding-Ish podcaster Jove Meyer says carnations (which are pretty affordable!) are making a comeback....!

Behind the Scenes as an Event Designer {2019}

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BEHIND-THE-SCENES AS AN EVENT DESIGNER... Hey everyone! Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to run an event as an event designer??? This summer has been an amazing opportunity to run my business. I ran a summer sale and received a few clients who booked with me. This balloon arch challenged me and I wanted to bring you along behind-the-scenes as an event designer. Some of you loved the idea of joining me when I do these events. This is raw footage and a lot of things weren’t p...!


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Decorating and event planning can be so much easier and fun with these simple hacks and tips that I am sharing in this video! Learn how to make your next event and backdrop glam, chic and gorgeous on a budget! If you ever find yourself in a decor dilemma; I have you covered... I will be sharing some hacks that will elevate your decor and alleviate your problems in this video! They will be perfect with birthday parties, prom, wedding, baby showers, bridal showers and more! Here is my event...!


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How to START an event planning business in 2020, Im sharing 5 tips to help you get started. Whether youre a wedding planner or corporate events planner looking to get started, this video will help you get it together. Programs mentioned: 1. Wordpress: https://wordpress.org/ 2. Squarespace: https://www.squarespace.com/ 3. ShowIt: https://showit.co/ 4. HoneyBook: http://share.honeybook.com/L5zLe 5. Aisle Planner: https://www.aisleplanner.com/affiliate/eventcertificate 6. Dubsado: https://www.dubs...!

The Event Planner Role is Changing: Heres What Skills You Need Today | Run of Show

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The role of the event planner is going through a major transformation. While the event planner role still encompasses overall event management (vendors, venue details, production, and more), its evolving into something more performance-based. Now, event planners are expected to actually prove the value of their event, and how it affects the bottom line of their entire business. In this Run of Show Weekly video, Ben Hindman reveals the four main skillsets -- in real job descriptions weve found...!

ツ ASMR Event Planning Center RP ツ softly spoken, misc sounds

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Heeeeey yall :D I am still aliiive ... ehehe... I miiiiiiiiiiiiissssseeeeddd yooouuuuuuu... ^___^ In this video we will visit an Event planning Center and take a look at all the different things that make parties fun(that I managed to make all by myself, Im sure you can tell :P) . Napkin folding video I made a while ago: http://youtu.be/CpuZ4eDenWI I know its not a very sleepy asmr video but I hope this could possibly be an esthetically pleasant experience for some of you. Sassy Masha will soon...!

What’s Your Job? Event Designer, CEO (Luxe Creative) | Full Sail University

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Full Sail University grad Martin Potoczny is the founder and CEO of LUXE Creative, a bespoke creative studio based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Specializing in custom luxury event production and creative brand design, LUXE has produced events for MTV, Microsoft, Disney, Sony, Bose, Chanel, and more. Martin and his team seek to instill a sense of wonder in the people who attend their events by employing dynamic lighting, sound, and special effects to move the viewer. In this video, he describes h...!

Event Planning 101: Where to Start

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In this Event Planning 101 video, we’re talking about key ways to flip event planning on its head so you can create a REMARKABLE experience. Are you tired of the same, stale events time after time? Billy Boughey, Elevate’s Founder, breaks down 4 meeting planning tips to help as you plan your next gig. Whether you’re starting your event planning career or you’re simply in charge of your company’s holiday party, this video explains the key principles you need to know before even diving i...!

93. How to Start an Event Design and Wedding Planning Business (audio only)

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Glory Barbaris is the owner of Always Creating Studio Weddings & Events, a full-service creative event and wedding planning, design, and floral design firm specializing in event design and planning, floral design multicultural weddings, and destinations. In this episode, Glory walks us through losing her government contract job and pivoting her side-hustle into something that ended up becoming a full-time business. Show Notes: https://nachesnow.com/93 //////////////////////////// SUBSCRIBE ...!

How to create an Event Planning Client Welcome Kit

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Learn what should be included in your client welcome package as well as the tool I use to create all the design documents in my kit. To access our client welcome kit and other templates visit: http://www.eventplanningtemplates.com When you present your clients with a detailed Welcome Kit, their minds will be set at ease knowing that you’ve put so much thought into their event. You’ll build instant rapport and immediately get them thinking about working with you again. A welcome kit was desi...!

How to Become a Corporate Event Planner

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Are you ready to start a rewarding career in event planning? You may be well-suited for a role within a company or organization! Listen to QC tutor Alyssa Pernas advice on how you can begin an exciting career in the corporate events industry. From planning meetings and conferences, to charity galas and social events, there is endless opportunity for event planners in the corporate world. As an experienced corporate event planner, Alyssa knows the skills you need to succeed in the industry. Le...!

Beautiful Days Event Planning - Floral and Event Design (Behind The Scenes)

Channel Name : Meg Simone Publish Date : 2019-06-30T21:48:36Z View Count : 5691 Like Count : 61 Dislike Count : 0 Duration : 00:02:52

Maine, New Hampshire, and New England wedding and special event planner, florist, and stylist Kate Martin of Beautiful Days Events http://beautifuldaysevents.com Behind the scenes video by Meg Simone Wedding Films www.megsimone.com Since 2005 Beautiful Days has been creating inspired, creative and thoughtful special celebrations. Offering special event and wedding floral design, unique event design, creative lighting and inspired decor as well as full service special event and wedding planning, ...!


Channel Name : Living Luxuriously for Less Publish Date : 2020-01-20T18:00:05Z View Count : 16204 Like Count : 684 Dislike Count : 7 Duration : 00:41:46

Follow a day in my life as an event planner as I share how I design a prince mickey mouse themed baby shower or event from beginning to end. We will also set up the backdrop, centerpieces and decorate the room! It will be perfect for birthday parties, prom, wedding, baby showers, bridal showers and more! TIMESTAMPS: PRE-EVENT SETUP: 4:35 LATE NIGHT| EARLY MORNINGS: 17:33 DESIGNING & DECORATING: 23:50 THE REVEAL: 29:49 THE BREAKDOWN + FINAL THOUGHTS: 34:34 Here are the links as promised: ...!


Channel Name : Living Luxuriously for Less Publish Date : 2019-10-20T20:00:02Z View Count : 29254 Like Count : 983 Dislike Count : 23 Duration : 00:15:10

Decorating an elegant wedding venue can be challenging for an event planner! Join me as I give you a complete tour of the reception venue along with a few event tips and tricks from an event planner! Here is my event planning toolbox! Everything you need to get started can be found below: ❤️HONEYBOOK {50% off code}: http://share.honeybook.com/luxeforless ❤️ Centerpieces, tablecloths, chair covers & Sashes- https://www.efavormart.com?sca_ref=87854.PZMcbD6Nvh ❤️ Luxe Academy: www...!

What Is Event Planning?

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Do you want to know What Is Event Planning? Explore accredited online Event Planning Courses at Brentwood Open Learning College: http://www.bolc.co.uk The origin of the word event can be traced to the Latin word ‘events,’ which refers to extraordinary occasions or occurrences. The most popular reasons for undertaking events include entertaining people and promoting social interactions. An event can, therefore, be defined as a well-planned and organised occasion with the view of meeting or a...!

5 Signs Event Planning Is Not For You

Channel Name : Event Manager Blog Publish Date : 2016-06-29T12:00:02Z View Count : 131881 Like Count : 1411 Dislike Count : 170 Duration : 00:02:27

How do you know if a career in event management is right for you? This video is brought to you by Event Manager Blog, the #1 resource for event planners and Eventtus, The Next Generation of Event Apps - http://bit.ly/1U8jwDw Organizing events is tough and being an event planner requires you to be always responsive, creative and super organized. Here are 5 warning signs that you might not be cut out to be an event manager and event planning isn’t for you. Subscribe to our YouTube channel t...!

What do Event Planners Do? - Event Planner Day in the Life ll Miss Event Planner

Channel Name : Miss Event Planner Publish Date : 2019-07-06T15:00:04Z View Count : 47420 Like Count : 1370 Dislike Count : 21 Duration : 00:18:11

What do Event Planners Do? Today Ill take you behind the scenes with me for a Day in the Life of an Event Planner / Event Decorator. This is the day to day not so glamorous tasks, but still what needs to be done to plan, prep, and put on an event. What do event planners really do? What do event planners do day to day? #eventplanning #eventplanning101 #eventplanningbusiness Portable Balloon Blower Pump I use for my balloon garlands! ❤ https://amzn.to/2M9eNEU Want to create your own website...!

Design Event Management, Wedding Planner Company Profile Cover Slide in MS Office365 PowerPoint PPT

Channel Name : Creative Venus Publish Date : 2018-05-05T15:26:13Z View Count : 51051 Like Count : 589 Dislike Count : 15 Duration : 00:12:59

CHECK OUT ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR PRESENTATION TEMPLATE DESIGN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yApp85FOFsU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ozq83VuoY0 PowerPoint is an enterprise level software and an amazing product of Microsoft Office. It has a great potential and the kind of features it provides are so easy to understand and simple to use that every student, manager, marketing executive or sales guy can easily create brilliant professional presentations. Microsoft Office PowerPoint is often...!

How to Start your Event Portfolio with No Money or Clients!!

Channel Name : Miss Event Planner Publish Date : 2018-12-27T23:13:15Z View Count : 25372 Like Count : 883 Dislike Count : 6 Duration : 00:06:02

How to Start an Event Planning Business Portfolio of Images with little to no money or clients!! I started my Event Planning Business with only my camera and my computer! You can start an event planning business with almost no money and no experience, you just have to be creative! Event Planning Business 101 for beginners tips, advice, and tutorials! ABOUT ME: I became an event planner at 24 in college with little to no money and you can too! Start your own event planning business today with my...!

How to Create a Website for Event Planning Services!

Channel Name : Miss Event Planner Publish Date : 2019-01-08T22:00:03Z View Count : 4126 Like Count : 275 Dislike Count : 0 Duration : 00:04:08

How to Create a Website for Event Planning Services and shoot your own party photos!! This video shows you how to get event planning clients online using your website with little to no money! In the last video I talked to you guys about Styled Shoots and how they can help build your Event Planning Business Portfolio Website with little to no money and no clients!! Now see the final product and how I used all of the images to create a beautiful website and/or professional eye-catching portfolio!!...!

How to Structure Your Client Consultations as an Event Planner

Channel Name : Event Certificate Publish Date : 2018-09-18T19:19:41Z View Count : 3017 Like Count : 134 Dislike Count : 1 Duration : 00:05:53

The “First Client Meeting” is an important one. How you handle it might be the difference between securing a contract or losing it. Im sharing the tips you need to follow to impress your potential clients and guarantee that booking. Grab my list of questions to ask during your client consultations: http://www.eventcertificate.com/?tcb_lightbox=client-consultation-questions-2 ----- Join our Facebook group of amazing event and wedding planners here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/eventcert...!

How to become an Event Planner?

Channel Name : Brentwood Open Learning College Publish Date : 2016-07-29T13:37:11Z View Count : 164383 Like Count : 1576 Dislike Count : 67 Duration : 00:03:50

Do you enjoy meeting new people? Organising and planning parties and events? Then this could be what you are looking for? Join the lucrative and interesting career of event planning. http://www.bolc.co.uk/ Learn how to become an event manager? And how to organize the events successfully? http://goo.gl/6cQiBF .Anybody can enroll in our flexible and convenient courses around the world. You can contact our team anytime for any query. Event planners organize events successfully according to clien...!

The interview of worlds best event designer, Kristin Banta (A Wedding in Heaven at SIGNIEL SEOUL )

Channel Name : LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS Publish Date : 2017-06-22T05:04:12Z View Count : 2740 Like Count : 44 Dislike Count : 0 Duration : 00:04:04

A refined and elegant wedding ceremony at the highest wedding hall under the sky will be unforgettable moment in your lives. High quality design concept of ‘Kristin Banta,’ remarkable wedding planner for Hollywood celebrities and the 3-star Michelin chef, Yannick Alléno, serves the latest Parisian menus to make your once-in-a-lifetime wedding even more complete....!

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