equestrian problems..!


Channel Name : Claire Eventing Publish Date : 2017-02-12T17:32:30Z View Count : 98877 Like Count : 2277 Dislike Count : 33 Duration : 00:03:04

Horsey Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/claireeventing/ Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/claireemily... Extras Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/just_jumping_/ GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/x8yxrbdc-help-me-buy-my-horse?lang=en-US Snapchat: claireemikywood Have any questions? Ask.fm: http://ask.fm/just_jumping_ Twitter: https://twitter.com/claireemilywood Website: https://clairewood001.wixsite.com/claireeventing Watch: https://www.danielwellington.com/us/ 15% of...!


Channel Name : Chloe Diames Publish Date : 2017-07-25T11:10:45Z View Count : 711 Like Count : 46 Dislike Count : 0 Duration : 00:10:43

problems we face as equestrians! please dont take any offence (ironic) to this video! :) this was meant for a little laugh but also for a serious issue. we all need to stop being so pessimistic and start being optimistic! the world would be such a better place if we all started loving eachother, instead of hating. spread the love and happiness! i love you all, chloe x...!

Struggles Only Female Riders Understand {COLLAB} | PureEquestrian

Channel Name : PureEquestrian Publish Date : 2016-09-24T05:11:08Z View Count : 488898 Like Count : 7012 Dislike Count : 579 Duration : 00:07:52

**please open me** Hey guys its Miri here :) This video is a collab with IEquine here on YouTube! He did struggle only male riders understand so go watch it (link) Ive been working on this video for sooooo long and Im happy its finally up! Thanks to crazy horsey67 {https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx_tWDVWQTL0yEtv7Wcw27g} for filming some the clips for me IEqines video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFbUMwQ03J0 IEquines channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChcbbqvCfIw-00LDItFU2EQ M...!


Channel Name : abby rauch Publish Date : 2018-02-04T03:39:35Z View Count : 877 Like Count : 44 Dislike Count : 1 Duration : 00:06:16

if your short, you’ll understand!! enjoy and please click the subscribe to see more and the like button if you liked it!!! have a good day! FOLLOW ME: instagram// abbbyrauch snapchat// abbyrauch.03 FOLLOW LAUREN🦄 instagram// lauren_snellings snapchat// laurenlulu565 FOLLOW HANNAH🦊 instagram// hanna_haines snapchat// hannah_haines91...!

Equestrian Problems

Channel Name : eventingvibes Publish Date : 2014-12-01T00:50:11Z View Count : 5130 Like Count : 106 Dislike Count : 1 Duration : 00:06:12

Some struggles I have found in the equestrian world...!

Tall Rider Struggles

Channel Name : Horse Network Publish Date : 2016-03-30T18:57:43Z View Count : 141067 Like Count : 1949 Dislike Count : 26 Duration : 00:01:09

Because being a tall rider is (sort of) hard too....!

Struggles Only Male Riders Understand

Channel Name : Horse Network Publish Date : 2015-08-04T17:32:08Z View Count : 466671 Like Count : 2986 Dislike Count : 350 Duration : 00:01:30

Horse Collaboration presents its first in a series of Struggles only found in the horse world....!

Struggles Only Short Riders Understand

Channel Name : Horse Network Publish Date : 2015-09-09T16:17:50Z View Count : 559711 Like Count : 4297 Dislike Count : 148 Duration : 00:01:19

Its rough out there for fun sized equestrians....!

10 Problems Only Equestrians Understand

Channel Name : Twin Horse Power Publish Date : 2017-09-06T22:08:34Z View Count : 3927 Like Count : 79 Dislike Count : 10 Duration : 00:07:09

10 problems only horse people understand!! Thank you sooooo mush for 100+ subscribers!!!!!!!! I hope this video gave you a good laugh today! Whether your laughing at how corny and cringy this is or because you can relate I hope you enjoy!! Id love to hear which one you can relate to the most in the comments below! Also, remember to like, share, and subscribe!! Thank-you so much for watching! Disclaimer: This was all exaggerated and so-posed to be relate-able but also a joke!...!


Channel Name : BlobTheCob Publish Date : 2019-01-24T19:00:03Z View Count : 106716 Like Count : 4816 Dislike Count : 115 Duration : 00:10:11

DISCLAIMER- No horses were harmed in the making of this video (they were not in the stables when I threw the buckets) only my dignity was..... ALSO please do not get offended by the accent of the non-equestrian. I dont know who Beatrix Von Hasselhoff is or what she wants but im sure it was not her intention to offend anyone with her accent. Enjoy laughing at my expense x Links to my social medias: Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/blobthecob/?hl=en Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/kate...!

Struggles Only Male Riders Understand, Part Deux

Channel Name : Horse Network Publish Date : 2015-11-06T21:01:30Z View Count : 130772 Like Count : 1073 Dislike Count : 58 Duration : 00:01:52

Yep, still struggling......!

Equestrian Problems: Lawyers, Queens and A Retraction.

Channel Name : DressageHub Publish Date : 2018-10-17T13:14:30Z View Count : 2961 Like Count : 16 Dislike Count : 21 Duration : 00:08:45

On Monday morning Dressage Hub posted a video discussing the possibility of hot gossip in the horse world that the Global Dressage Festival and the Winter Equestrian Festival, also known as WEF, have been sold. At the end of that video, which has now been taken down, I mentioned that Mark Bellisimo and friends would be in touch shortly. I was contact by Craig Galle the lawyer that allegedly represents equestrian sport production. Watch the video to find out why I use the word allegedly. In th...!

Things I Dont Understand About the Equestrian World

Channel Name : MyEquineAddiction Publish Date : 2014-07-17T01:48:20Z View Count : 217528 Like Count : 3228 Dislike Count : 293 Duration : 00:09:58

Heres a video explaining my personal opinion and giving you all some insight into things that confuse me about the horse world and horse people :) Hope you enjoy! If you do your own be sure to put the link below! Id love to watch all of yours :D Get to know us: ask: ask.fm/myequineaddiction twitter: @myequinefetish insta: myequineaddiction...!

Stuff Riders Say to Non-Riders

Channel Name : SmartPak Publish Date : 2016-01-11T14:00:00Z View Count : 1552993 Like Count : 25297 Dislike Count : 515 Duration : 00:02:47

Ever been to the barn with a non-rider? Ever tried to have a conversation about your horse with someone who’s never been around horses before? Yeah? We have, too. And it never seems to go well. So we decided to compile everything we say to non-riders in one hilarious video. What do you think? Did we miss any? Leave us a comment and let us know what we missed, and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to be alerted when the next Stuff Riders Say video gets posted! At SmartPak, we have a saying -- we get you b...!

Equestrian Problems!!! ll Equestrian

Channel Name : Equestria Publish Date : 2020-05-01T12:00:16Z View Count : 160 Like Count : 42 Dislike Count : 1 Duration : 00:02:00

this was just a fun little skit I made because quarantine got me going crazy at the moment. I hope you enjoyed it and make sure you stay tuned for some more videos I have planned!!! Equestria PO Box 1440 North Kingstown, Rhode Island 02852 If you are a business that would like to sponsor me or send me products Libbyrussell320@gmail.com My Roblox Group - https://www.roblox.com/groups/5430150......!


Channel Name : Allie Bost Publish Date : 2017-03-31T00:45:48Z View Count : 8327 Like Count : 432 Dislike Count : 0 Duration : 00:00:52

Make sure you guys give this a thumbs UP if you can relate or it made you laugh (: instagram.com/rideitup In honor of Throwback Thursday, I thought it would be fun to post one of my all time favorite videos! This is during a ride back in my collegiate days, about 3 years ago. I have TONS of videos, so let me know if you guys enjoy these! Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing (: Follow Dizzie Iz and I for more fun things! Instagram: instagram.com/rideitup Snapchat: alliebee14 Las...!

EQUESTRIAN PROBLEMS ||Pony Riders Style!||

Channel Name : Olivia eq Publish Date : 2016-06-13T23:55:27Z View Count : 1044 Like Count : 54 Dislike Count : 5 Duration : 00:02:37

Please no hate comments! Please!...!

Common Horse Rider Problems - Get the information you need!

Channel Name : Equiculture and Horse Riders Mechanic Publish Date : 2015-04-16T09:10:23Z View Count : 41472 Like Count : 268 Dislike Count : 13 Duration : 00:14:19

This video outlines common issues that many riders have, both experienced and inexperienced, and why they have them. It discusses how to become a more confident horse rider by developing an independent seat, it looks at rider biomechanics and correct rider position, but also common mistakes beginner horse riders make. Please subscribe and hit the bell so that you get a notification when we post a new video https://www.youtube.com/EquicultureandHorseRidersMechanic?sub_confirmation=1 Download a...!

My crazy horses journey

Channel Name : Therese Moser Publish Date : 2016-06-08T15:51:30Z View Count : 1302974 Like Count : 10562 Dislike Count : 1558 Duration : 00:04:03

Read our story here hhttp://theresemoser.com/march16blog.html - http://www.facebook.com/theresemosershowjumping - theresemoser @ instagram *DISCLAIMER* -All clips are from 2011/2012. He was checked by a vet, chiropractor and farrier. We tried bitless, bareback, no jumping but he still acted like this, like many young horses do at a certain stage in their education. These clips only show about 1/10th of what we went through with months of dangerous and reckless behaviour from his side, but I knew...!

Equestrian Problems || Equestrian LTU

Channel Name : Equestrians LTU Publish Date : 2018-03-14T20:53:33Z View Count : 131 Like Count : 12 Dislike Count : 0 Duration : 00:02:13


#EQUESTRIANPROBLEMS (Equestrian Problems)

Channel Name : Gabby Wagner Publish Date : 2015-08-01T00:07:16Z View Count : 573 Like Count : 2 Dislike Count : 5 Duration : 00:05:04

I made a slight list of equestrian struggles that every equestrian has. *READ BELOW* Instagram~ equine.pone tumblr~ equine.pone Twitter~ bluerideshorses Facebook~ Gabby Wagner...!

Does your horse have bucking problems?

Channel Name : DUHorseman Publish Date : 2013-04-29T20:46:48Z View Count : 111201 Like Count : 440 Dislike Count : 71 Duration : 00:04:54

Learn how Clinton Anderson and the Method can help get your horses nasty bucking habit under control. Clintons Professional Clinician Shana Terry works with Nikkis horse to gain control of his feet to establish respect. Today, Clinton and Downunder Horsemanship are recognized as world leaders in the equestrian industry and continue to offer the very best in innovation, inspiration and instruction. Discover for yourself how Clinton and the Method can help you achieve your horsemanship dreams! V...!

Equestrian Problems

Channel Name : BridledbyBella Publish Date : 2015-12-07T03:58:53Z View Count : 56 Like Count : 5 Dislike Count : 0 Duration : 00:06:32

Hey lovelies! Enjoy this video I made on problems in the question world. If you enjoyed, give this video a thumbs up and subscribe! Sorry I havent posted in a while. I had about 1,000,000 tests this week. It might be hard to post these next two weeks because exams are coming up and I got to study, study, study!!...!

Three Common Annoying Young Horse Habits

Channel Name : Evention TV Publish Date : 2013-06-19T22:28:02Z View Count : 481305 Like Count : 4276 Dislike Count : 155 Duration : 00:07:43

http://www.SchrammEquestrian.com http://www.facebook.com/eventiontv This week on Evention we take a look at three common annoying young horse habits, and demonstrate to how to teach your horse to behave better. We also feature a return of an Evention Tip of the Day as well a new Schrammos Shout Out. We would also like to share with you that Evention has now been on the air for 10 months in its inaugural season, and thanks to all of you we have clocked in over 300,000 views! Keep it up Evention...!

TikToks only equestrians relate to

Channel Name : Hazel and Katie equestrians Publish Date : 2019-10-20T02:00:35Z View Count : 191237 Like Count : 6207 Dislike Count : 140 Duration : 00:02:50

Credits @jorrdanaa @sofia.depasquale @madiscranton @ali.equestrian.dogs @ashxxcooper @maryellenmcualey Thank you for watching comment if you related to any of these....!

Things Equestrians Do That Are Weird

Channel Name : katie wolf Publish Date : 2016-04-06T04:00:06Z View Count : 91512 Like Count : 962 Dislike Count : 106 Duration : 00:04:00

For all those wondering I made this for a school project, but I may make another video since people seem to enjoy them :). Also. Please leave the hate outside. This video is extremely old and the rider has improved immensely, and it was for a chuckle is all!...!


Channel Name : Hannah&hope614 Publish Date : 2015-08-14T18:46:58Z View Count : 3470 Like Count : 84 Dislike Count : 3 Duration : 00:14:42

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Kik on_the_horses_back Instagram ( main ) @on_the_horses_back Instagram @on_the_horses_back_random Instagram @hannah.bivens.photography www.ask.fm/on_the_horses_back My other channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjpNiL35J8TRo84Qs78geCg Sponsor info Etsy ❤️https://www.etsy.com/shop/vestiviequine Instagram ❤️ vestiviequine ❤️ Taylors.tack - brushe...!

Equestrian quotes, sayings and problems

Channel Name : Equitay Publish Date : 2014-07-11T08:18:44Z View Count : 1569 Like Count : 29 Dislike Count : 0 Duration : 00:04:08

Hi everyone, These are some random horse riding/equestrian quotes, sayings and just problems we all have had. This is quite a long video and some pictures may be a little blurry (sorry), you may also need to pause the video if you need more time to read the quotes. I do not own any of these pictures. Thank you for reading and remember to check out my other videos and |Like, Comment and Subscribe| Also check out HorseMovieStudios for more horsey videos Thanks for reading....!

French Equestrian Problems

Channel Name : Richard F Jones Publish Date : 2017-07-25T11:10:45Z View Count : 208 Like Count : 0 Dislike Count : 1 Duration : 00:01:32

2008 Olympics Equestrian events in Hong Kong are problematic for the French team....!

#LOANERS Equestrian problems because horse riding is easy of course!!

Channel Name : victoria fox Publish Date : 2019-11-24T16:18:48Z View Count : 360 Like Count : 8 Dislike Count : 0 Duration : 00:04:22

#LOANERS summer time problems for horse and riders -flies, flies flies!!! head cam footage horse riding on the cob...!

Horse refusing to stand at mounting block meets Richard Maxwell | Your Horse

Channel Name : YourHorseOnline Publish Date : 2018-02-26T12:37:12Z View Count : 1220432 Like Count : 9405 Dislike Count : 658 Duration : 00:12:03

Horse behaviour expert Richard Maxwell demonstrates an exercise to encourage a horse to stand at the mounting block. Visit our website for more great videos and advice http://www.yourhorse.co.uk Keep up to date with Your Horse by visiting ‪http://www.twitter.com/yourhorse‬ and ‪http://www.facebook.com/yourhorse‬...!

Solving Horse Problems with Tellington TTouch

Channel Name : HorseTalkTV Publish Date : 2014-12-21T12:50:39Z View Count : 47939 Like Count : 291 Dislike Count : 12 Duration : 00:14:16

Have you ever wished you could help a horse that has been labelled “difficult”, “disrespectful”, or that is fearful of humans? The Tellington TTouch® Equine Awareness Method was developed in 1975 by Linda Tellington Jones who studied with Moshe Feldenkrais, founder of the Feldenkrais Method. For 30 years TTeam has been used worldwide and is recommended by countless veterinarians, trainers, rescue societies, and Olympians, as well as thousands of animal owners. TTeam helps to relieve ...!

How these horses help persons with special needs | Equestrian World

Channel Name : FEI Publish Date : 2019-07-24T06:00:05Z View Count : 1818 Like Count : 97 Dislike Count : 1 Duration : 00:06:48

The Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association (CTRA) offers a variety of therapeutic equine activities. With two arenas and 15 horses, CTRA currently sees over 90 clients a week, however, it came from humble beginnings. Find out more about this interesting place located near the city of Duncan, on the South of Vancouver Island in Canada. ▶▶ Subscribe to our YouTube channel & hit the bell! 🔔 ▶▶ http://go.fei.org/YouTube ▶▶ Exclusive videos on #FEItv: http://www.feitv.org Instagram:...!

Training horse not to walk off when mounting - Clinton Anderson

Channel Name : HorseCity Publish Date : 2012-12-05T21:05:12Z View Count : 745133 Like Count : 3251 Dislike Count : 313 Duration : 00:04:06

Clinton Anderson on training your horse not to walk off when mounting...!

Shoulder Control: How to Correct a Horse that Drops the Shoulder in or Bulges out

Channel Name : Amelia Newcomb Dressage Publish Date : 2019-09-11T16:28:36Z View Count : 27891 Like Count : 1325 Dislike Count : 9 Duration : 00:12:10

Sign up for my e-mail list: https://forms.aweber.com/form/52/766851352.htm In this video we discuss exercises to get horse shoulder control. When you ride a circle on a horse, the horse may drop the shoulder in, or bulge out through the outside shoulder. This video goes over how to steer a horse, how to fix a crooked horse, and what to do if the horse won’t turn. It includes exercises for getting the horse to turn and the correct aids to use in order to turn the horse. #amelianewcombdressage...!

Equestrian Winter Riding Problems | Equitay

Channel Name : Equitay Publish Date : 2016-04-03T16:51:52Z View Count : 46 Like Count : 5 Dislike Count : 1 Duration : 00:07:36

Hey guys! Hope you all enjoyed that video- it was a quick little video to say, Im still here, havent forgotten about yall Thanks for watching, make sure to like, comment and subscribe. Stalk me: Twitter: https://twitter.com/e_equitay Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/equitay/?hl=en Other channel (HorseMovieStudios): https://www.youtube.com/user/HorseMovieStudios Bai...!

The Canter Transition: How to Fix a Horse that Rushes, Puts their Head up and Gets Tense!

Channel Name : Amelia Newcomb Dressage Publish Date : 2020-04-15T12:38:00Z View Count : 14485 Like Count : 1060 Dislike Count : 11 Duration : 00:09:33

Visit my website: http://www.amelianewcombdressage.com Check us out on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/amelianewcombdressage Sign up for my e-mail list: https://forms.aweber.com/form/52/766851352.htm Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amelia.newcomb.7 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/amelianewcombdressage?sub_confirmation=1 Instagram: @newcombamelia #canter #canter transition #tension The trot-canter transition is one of the most difficult transitions to master. The transition requ...!

Introduction to Equestrian Fitness

Channel Name : Taylor Campbell Publish Date : 2020-05-14T16:17:29Z View Count : 701 Like Count : 21 Dislike Count : 1 Duration : 00:10:03

An introduction to the 10 week Equestrian Fitness Program I have designed as a physiotherapist, using my knowledge in biomechanics and the equestrian sport. I discuss the layout of the program, how riders impact their horses biomechanics, why it is important to train out of the saddle, and some of the common problems I see in my equestrian athletes. ----------------- REFERENCES & RECOMMENDED READINGS Rider Biomechanics. Mary Wanless - Quiller Publishing Ltd – 2017 . Fit to Ride in 9 We...!

Permit problems stall equestrian project

Channel Name : WPBF 25 News Publish Date : 2012-04-13T22:47:41Z View Count : 14 Like Count : 0 Dislike Count : 0 Duration : 00:01:58

An equestrian project is on hold because of a violation notice from the South Florida Water Management Project....!

Clinton Anderson: What to do When Your Horse Acts Up in Cross-Ties - Downunder Horsemanship

Channel Name : DUHorseman Publish Date : 2019-12-10T12:00:04Z View Count : 20406 Like Count : Dislike Count : Duration : 00:06:55

Horse trainer Clinton Anderson explains how to fix common problems that come up when cross-tying horses. Subscribe to our channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvRY6ZMSx1WO_qpw3rHYpdg?sub_confirmation=1 Master your horsemanship skills by joining the No Worries Club: https://noworriesclub.com where Clinton provides thousands of hours of step-by-step videos on how to train your horse....!

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